Tagaru Movie 10th Day Box Office Collection

Tagaru Movie 10th Day Box Office Collection

Latest Kannada movie ‘Tagaru’ reportedly earned a total collection of Rs 11.5 crore at the Sandalwood Box Office. Featuring famous actors Shivraj Kumar and Dhananjay in the lead cast, the Kannada language film received good response from audience in the opening weekend. The movie witnessed 20 to 30% theatre occupancy in the first week. Till now, the Kannada film has earned an overall income of Rs 11.57 crore in India.

Directed by Duniya Soori, the Kannada language movie was released in India on February 23, 2018. On opening day, the film received good response in Karnataka. The film was released in 250 single screens and 50 multiplexes in the Kannada speaking state. Trade analysts of Sandalwood film industry refuted the rumours of this movie earning Rs 20 crore. Jayanna, distributor of the film, told media that no movie in Sandalwood has achieved such a feat.

Filmmakers spent an amount of Rs 25 crore to make this movie. Releasing on more than 300 screens in India, the Kannada language movie received positive feedback from the audience in the home state. In opening weekend, public response for the movie was above average. The film managed to earn considerable business in initial three days of its release. In week days, the movie witnessed drop in the theatre occupancy and also faced decline in the earnings.

At the end of first week, the film’s box office collection was reported to be more than Rs 10 crore. With the gradual declination in public response, the south Indian movie faced steady drop in the earnings as well. Featuring Manvitha Harish and Vasistha Simha in the lead roles, the Sandalwood film had no release in overseas and hence it did not make any business in the international market. The Kannada movie showcased dull performance at box office in the second weekend. Latest box office numbers are awaited.

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