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Adipurush Trailer Out Now: Prabhas’ Appearance Whistle Blowing

adipurush trailer out

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Adipurush Trailer: The much-awaited trailer of Adipurush is out and it is mind-blowing. The appearance of Prabhas in the role of Raghav is just whistle-blowing. The visuals in the trailer are simply awesome and will definitely attract audiences. Unlike the teaser, which had a childish and cartoonish feel, the trailer is a treat to watch.

The background music of the trailer will give you goosebumps and can make tears roll down your eyes. The makers have wisely not put too many VFX scenes in the trailer. The trailer, which is 3 minutes and 19 seconds long, starts with the background music of “Mangal Bhawan Amangal Haari,” which is enough to convert a movie theater into a stadium.

You can also hear a dialogue in the background, “Ye Kahani Hai Mere Prabhu Sri Ram ki, unki jo manav se bhagwan ban gye, jinka jeewan tha maryada ka utsav, aur naam tha Raghav. Jinke dharm ne tod diya adharm ka ahankar, gaatha uss raghu nandan ki, yug ygantar se jeevit aur jagrit, ye kahani hai Ramayan ki.”

At the 18th second in the trailer, you will see tears in the eyes of “Hanuman Ji,” which will surely make you cry. At the 35th second, you will see how Ravana tricks Sita Ma and kidnaps her by taking the disguise of a saint.

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Moments between Bhagwan Ram and Maa Sita are really eye-pleasing. Also, at the 66th second, you will see “Lakshmana,” the brother of Ram, telling his brother that “Aap Ayodhya Ke Yuvraj Hai, Ek Sanket krenge to saari sena aapke sath ladegi.”

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You will see Prabhas (Raghav) saying that “Maa Sita” is his life, but dignity for him is above his life. You will witness the scene of “Raghav & Sabri.” The background music of “Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram” will make you feel overwhelming. Bhagwan Hanuman Ji looks more powerful in the trailer than in the teaser.

There is a dialogue in the trailer by “Maa Sita,” which says, “Raghav ne mujhe paane k liye shiv dhanus toda tha, ab unhe Ravan ka ghamand todna hoga.” One thing you will miss is the smile of our “Ram,” which we used to see in “Ramanand Sagar’s” Ramayan.

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Kriti Sanon is looking Godly in the role of Sita Mata (Janki). The film is all set to release on 16th June 2023. Overall, the trailer gives you all types of feelings, like happiness, energy, tears in your eyes, and pride. The movie Adipurush will undoubtedly rock the box office, no matter how much people hate it on social media.

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