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Charles Enterprises Movie Wiki 2023

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Charles Enterprises Movie Wiki 2023: Charles Enterprises is an upcoming Malayalam drama movie directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, produced by Ajith Joy, Pradeep Menon, and Achu Vijayan. The movie is all set to release on May 19, 2023, in India under Joy Movie Productions. With a unique storyline and an impressive star cast, the movie is expected to create a buzz in the Malayalam film industry. Let’s take a closer look at what this movie has in store for us.


The story revolves around Ravi Kumaraswamy, a young man from Kochi who suffers from night blindness. Ravi is deeply devoted to his mother, but one day he steals a Ganesh idol from her. The consequences of his actions remain to be seen as he struggles with his guilt and tries to make amends. Along the way, he meets new people and faces various challenges that force him to reflect on his actions and make some difficult choices.

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Charles Enterprises Budget

The budget of Charles Enterprises movie is estimated to be around ₹ 10 Crores. The movie is expected to be a visual treat, thanks to the talented crew and cast.

Charles Enterprises Star Cast

The movie features an impressive star cast that includes Shebin Benson, Guru Somasundaram, Geethi Sangeetha, Kalaiyarasan, Urvashi, Harish Pengan, Balu Varghese, Sudheer Paravoor, Manikandan R.Achari, Sujith Shanker, Abhija Sivakala, Abu Valayamkulam, Vasisht Umesh, Anand Bbal, Mridula Madhav, Saleesh Padmini Sabramanian. Each of these talented actors brings their unique skills to the table, promising a captivating viewing experience for the audience.

Box Office Collection

The box office collection of Charles Enterprises remains to be seen, but with the talented crew and star cast, it is expected to perform well at the box office. We can only wait and watch as the movie hits the theaters on May 19, 2023.

Charles Enterprises Movie Wiki

Movie NameCharles Enterprises
Directed bySubhash Lalitha
Produced byAjith Joy
Pradeep Menon
Achu Vijayan
Written bySubhash Lalitha
Editing byAchu Vijayan
Cinematography bySwaroop Philip
Music bySubramanian K.V.
Star CastShebin Benson
Guru Somasundaram
Geethi Sangeetha
Harish Pengan
Balu Varghese
Sudheer Paravoor
Manikandan R.Achari
Sujith Shanker
Abhija Sivakala
Abu Valayamkulam
Vasisht Umesh
Anand Bbal
Mridula Madhav
Saleesh Padmini Sabramanian
Budget₹ 10 Crores (Estimated)
Production CompaniesJoy Movie Productions
Release Date19-May-23
Charles Enterprises Movie Wiki

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