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Coat Movie Wiki 2023: Coat is an upcoming Hindi drama film directed by Akshay Ditti and Kumar Abhishek. It is set to release on May 26, 2023, in India.

The movie features an ensemble cast that includes Sanjay Mishra, Vivaan Shah, Sonal Jha, and many others.


In the rural village, Madho, a young man belonging to a low caste, faces constant disrespect from the villagers. One day, he witnesses a foreigner receiving admiration solely because of his expensive coat.

Determined to gain respect and change his circumstances, Madho embarks on a relentless quest to acquire a coat that he cannot afford.

This journey challenges his identity and confronts the societal biases prevalent in his community.

Coat Budget

The production of Coat is backed by Brandex Entertainment, Perfect Time Pictures, Pinnu Singh, and Sebhariya Pictures.

The budget allocated for the film has not been disclosed yet, but it is expected to be a significant investment considering the talented cast and the compelling storyline.

Coat Star Cast

Coat boasts a remarkable ensemble cast that brings depth to the characters. The movie stars Sanjay Mishra as Mohan, Vivaan Shah as Madho, Sonal Jha as Sahmuni, and many more.

The performances of these actors add authenticity and emotional resonance to the narrative.

Box Office Collection

With its intriguing storyline and talented cast, Coat is anticipated to make a mark at the box office.

The collection figures will be updated once the movie hits the screens and receives a response from the audience.

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Coat Movie Wiki

Movie NameCoat
Directed byAkshay Ditti, Kumar Abhishek
Produced byKumar Abhishek, Kumar Aditya, Pawan Kumar Dubey, Arpit Garg, Sanjay Sankla, Pinnu Singh, Ajit Kumar Srivastava, Sudhir Tiwari, Ishwari Yadav
Written byKumar Abhishek, Akshay Ditti
Editing bySanjay Sankla
Cinematography byNaushad Ahmad, Yogesh M. Koli, Rahul Kumar, Avinash Pandey, Vikas Saroj, Rakesh Kumar Yadav
Music byJoy-Anjan, Chandan Saxena
Star CastSanjay Mishra as Mohan
Vivaan Shah as Madho
Sonal Jha as Sahmuni
Pooja Pandey
Abhishek Khanna
Badal Rajpoot
Akansha Shrivastava
Gagan Gupta as Mushwa Baba (Sarpanch)
Harshita Pandey
Shrey Kaul
Ajit Kumar Srivastava as Businessman
Navin Prakash
Gagan Gupta
Khushi Pandey
Rajendra Narendra
Manoranjan Chauhan
Sidharth Singh
Roopa Singh
Sahil Patel
Abhishek Chauhan
Ritesh Rajput
Sunny Kumar
Production CompaniesBrandex Entertainment, Perfect Time Pictures, Pinnu Singh, Sebhariya Pictures
Release Date26-May-23
Coat Movie Wiki

In conclusion, Coat is an upcoming Hindi drama film that revolves around the quest of a young man from a low caste to acquire a coat, hoping to change his fate and gain respect in a society driven by biases.

With a talented star cast, compelling storyline, and the backing of prominent production companies, Coat is set to make an impact when it releases on May 26, 2023.

Stay tuned for the box office collection figures and witness this thought-provoking tale on the silver screen. If you find this information about Coat Movie Wiki 2023 useful then feel free to share this with your friends.

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