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Neeraja is an upcoming Malayalam drama film directed and written by Rajesh K. Raman. Produced by M. Ramesh Reddy and Uma under the banner of Suraj Production, the film explores the profound questions that arise when one loses their spouse.

With a talented star cast and an engaging storyline, Neeraja is set to captivate audiences when it releases on May 19, 2023.


Neeraja delves into the unspoken queries that arise in the heart of a woman who has lost her spouse. It boldly addresses the question of whether desires fade away with the departure of a loved one.

The protagonist, Neeraja, embarks on a quest for answers, finding solace and understanding through the individuals who enter her life, each representing different shades of love and lust.

The film delicately weaves together the complexities of human emotions, offering a heartfelt exploration of grief, desire, and self-discovery.

Neeraja (Malyalam) Budget

With its compelling narrative and talented ensemble, Neeraja is expected to be a cinematic treat. The film has an estimated budget of Rs 5 Crores, allocated to ensure a high-quality production that brings the story to life in a visually appealing manner.

The investment reflects the commitment of the production team to deliver a captivating and immersive experience to the audience.

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Neeraja (Malyalam) Star Cast

Neeraja boasts a talented star cast that breathes life into the characters of the film. The ensemble includes renowned actors who have displayed their versatility in previous projects. The cast features Guru Somasundaram, Shruti Ramachandran, Srindaa, Kottayam Ramesh, Sminu Sijo, Sajin Cherukayil, Govind Padmasoorya, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Jinu Joseph, Kalesh Ramanand, Abhija Sivakala, and Shruthi Rajanikanth. Each actor brings their unique talent to their respective roles, enhancing the depth and authenticity of the storytelling.

Box Office Collection

Anticipation is high for Neeraja, and it is expected to make a significant impact at the box office upon its release. With its compelling storyline and talented star cast, the film is poised to resonate with audiences.

The box office collection will depend on various factors, including audience reception, critical acclaim, and competition from other releases. Nonetheless, given the buzz surrounding the film and the popularity of the cast, it is anticipated to perform well commercially.

Neeraja (Malyalam) Movie Wiki

Movie NameNeeraja (Malayalam)
Directed byRajesh K. Raman
Written byRajesh K. Raman
Produced byM. Ramesh Reddy, Uma
Editing byAyoob Khan
Cinematography byRagesh Narayanan
Music byBibin Ashok, Sachin Shankor, Mannath
Star Cast & roles Guru Somasundaram
Shruti Ramachandran
Kottayam Ramesh
Sminu Sijo
Sajin Cherukayil
Govind Padmasoorya
Santhosh Keezhattoor
Jinu Joseph
Kalesh Ramanand
Abhija Sivakala
Shruthi Rajanikanth
BudgetRs 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Production CompaniesSuraj Production
Release Date   19 May, 2023 
Language    Malayalam
Country India
Neeraja (Malyalam) Movie Wiki 2023

Neeraja is a promising Malayalam drama that explores the depths of human emotions and the journey of self-discovery amidst loss. With its thought-provoking storyline, talented star cast, and a production budget of Rs 5 Crores, the film is set to leave a lasting impact on the audience. Mark your calendars for May 19, 2023, as Neeraja hits the theaters, inviting viewers on a heartfelt exploration of love, desire, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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