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Sam Bahadur Movie Wiki (2023): Star Cast | Budget | Release Date

Sam Bahadur Movie Wiki 2023

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Welcome to the Wiki page of the movie “Sam Bahadur.” In this article, we will explore the budget, star cast, storyline, box office collection, and other interesting details about this upcoming Hindi film.

“Sam Bahadur” is a biography drama directed by Meghna Gulzar, known for her exceptional storytelling. The movie revolves around the life of Sam Manekshaw, who served as the Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

Let’s delve into the world of “Sam Bahadur” and uncover its fascinating aspects.


“Sam Bahadur” narrates the inspiring story of Sam Manekshaw, a remarkable military leader. The film showcases his journey as he rises through the ranks of the Indian Army and eventually becomes the first Indian Army officer to be promoted to the rank of field marshal.

Set against the backdrop of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, the movie highlights Manekshaw’s strategic brilliance, leadership qualities, and his crucial role in ensuring India’s victory. Experience the thrilling tale of a true hero who dedicated his life to the service of the nation.

Sam Bahadur Budget

The estimated budget for “Sam Bahadur” is around Rs 30 Crores. This amount reflects the investment made by the production companies, Production Scope, and RSVP.

The filmmakers have put in their resources to bring this significant chapter of Indian history to the big screen.

With a talented crew and a compelling storyline, “Sam Bahadur” promises to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates with the audience.

Sam Bahadur Star Cast

“Sam Bahadur” features a talented ensemble cast, each contributing their skills to portray the characters authentically.

The movie stars Sammy Jonas Heaney as Captain McLaren, Richard Bhakti Klein as Ambassador Keating, Saqib Ayub as Captain Attiqur Rehman, Edward Sonnenblick as Lord Mountbatten, Vicky Kaushal as Sam Manekshaw, Jaskaran Singh Gandhi as Sepoy Mehar Singh, Fatima Sana Shaikh as Smt. Indira Gandhi, Sanya Malhotra as Silloo Manekshaw, and Krishnakant Singh Bundela as Subedar Gurbaksh Singh.

These actors bring life to the narrative and add depth to their respective roles.

Box Office Collection

As the movie is yet to be released, it is too early to determine the box office collection for “Sam Bahadur.” We eagerly await the movie’s release and will update the collection figures soon after its theatrical run.

The performance at the box office will depend on various factors, including the audience’s reception, word-of-mouth reviews, and the overall popularity of the film.

Let’s wait and watch how “Sam Bahadur” fares in terms of its box office success.

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Sam Bahadur Movie Wiki

Movie NameSam Bahadur
Directed byMeghna Gulzar
Produced byPashan Jal
Ronnie Screwvala
Bantoo Khanna
Amit Mehta
Ravi Tiwari
Abhinay Raj Singh
Zahoor Qadir
Ankita Chowfin
Written byShantanu Srivastava
Meghna Gulzar
Bhavani Iyer
Cinematography byJay I. Patel
Music byEhsaan Noorani
Shankar Mahadevan
Loy Mendonsa
Star CastSammy Jonas Heaney as Captain McLaren
Richard Bhakti Klein as Ambassador Keating
Saqib Ayub as Captain Attiqur Rehman
Edward Sonnenblick as Lord Mountbatten
Vicky Kaushal as Sam Manekshaw
Jaskaran Singh Gandhi as Sepoy Mehar Singh
Fatima Sana Shaikh as Smt. Indira Gandhi
Sanya Malhotra as Silloo Manekshaw
Krishnakant Singh Bundela as Subedar Gurbaksh Singh
Neeraj Kabi
BudgetRs 30 Crores (Estimated)
Production CompaniesProduction Scope
GenreBiography, Drama
Release Date1 Dec, 2023
Sam Bahadur Movie Wiki

We hope you found this webpage informative and engaging, providing you with valuable insights into the upcoming movie “Sam Bahadur.”

The film delves into the life of Sam Manekshaw, a legendary figure in Indian military history. If you are intrigued by tales of bravery, leadership, and patriotism, “Sam Bahadur” is a must-watch.

Don’t forget to share this webpage with your friends and family on social media if you enjoyed the information provided here. Stay tuned for the release of “Sam Bahadur” and witness the remarkable journey of a true hero on the silver screen.

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