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The Kerala Story 13th Day Box Office Collection : Prediction

The Kerala Story 13th Day Box Office Collection Prediction & total collection

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The Kerala Story 13th Day Box Office Collection: Welcome back to another exciting update on the box office collection of the blockbuster movie, “The Kerala Story.” Today, we delve into the much-anticipated 13th day and witness the continued journey of this cinematic masterpiece.

The Kerala Story 13th Day Box Office Collection

Day 13, also known as the 2nd Wednesday, is here, and expectations are running high. As per early estimates based on advanced booking and occupancy, it is predicted that the 13th-day collection of “The Kerala Story” will be ₹8.03 Crores.

A slight decline of 16.78% from the previous day’s collection. However, it is important to note that this drop is considered insignificant given the movie’s tremendous performance so far.

The Kerala Story 13 Days Total Box Office Collection : Day Wise

Day NumberDate & DayCollection India (Cr.)% Change
(from previous day)
Total Collection
in India (Cr.)
Day 15-May-23
(First Friday)
₹ 7.5 Crores₹ 7.5 CroresBumper Opening
Day 26-May-23
(First Saturday)
₹ 11.22 Crores+49.60%₹ 18.72 CroresSignificant
Day 37-May-23
(First Sunday)
₹ 16.5 Crores+32.00%₹ 35.22 CroresSignificant
Day 48-May-23
(First Monday)
₹ 10.5 Crores-57.14%₹ 45.72 CroresDrop due
Day 59-May-23
(First Tuesday)
₹ 11.14 Crores+6.09%₹ 56.86 CroresSlight
Day 610-May-23
(First Wednesday)
₹ 12 Crores+7.72%₹ 68.86 CroresSignificant
Day 711-May-23
(First Thursday)
₹ 12.50 Crores+4.16%₹ 81.36 CroresSignificant
Day 812-May-23
(2nd Friday)
₹ 12.23 Crores-2.16%₹ 93.59 CroresSlight Drop
Day 913-May-23
(2nd Saturday)
₹ 19.5 Crores+59.44%₹ 113.09 CroresOutstanding
Day 1014-May-23
(2nd Sunday)
₹ 23.75 Crores+21.79%₹ 136.84 CroresStorm
Day 1115-May-23
(2nd Monday)
₹10.3 Crores-56.63%₹ 147.14 CroresDrop Due
to Monday
Day 1216-May-23
(2nd Tuesday)
₹9.65 Crores-6.31%₹ 156.79 CroresDrop Continues
Due to Week Day
Day 1317-May-23
(2nd Wednesday)
₹8.03 Crores-16.78%₹ 164.82 CroresSlight Drop,
Still Impressive

The audience has been captivated by the gripping storyline, stellar performances, and breathtaking visuals of “The Kerala Story.” Word of mouth continues to spread, attracting moviegoers from all walks of life.

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The theaters are buzzing with excitement as fans flock to witness this cinematic marvel once again or experience it for the first time. The positive reviews and glowing recommendations have contributed to the movie’s enduring success.

With the 13th day’s collection added to the tally, “The Kerala Story” has reached a remarkable total collection of ₹164.82 Crores in India. The film has shattered numerous records and continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience.

The exceptional journey of “The Kerala Story” shows no signs of slowing down. It has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative and awe-inspiring visuals.

As we eagerly await the coming days, let us celebrate the success of “The Kerala Story” and anticipate the milestones it will achieve. Stay tuned for more updates on the box office performance of this extraordinary film.

This is “The Kerala Story,” rewriting the records, captivating hearts, and etching its name in the annals of cinematic brilliance.

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