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The Kerala Story 1st Day Box Office Collection: Will it break the record of The Kashmir File?

The Kerala Story 1st Day Box Office Collection

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“The Kerala Story” is a hard-hitting film about the delicate and contentious subject of Love Jihad and coerced religious conversion. Sudipto Sen, the film’s director, has attempted to shine light on this subject through this film, which is inspired by genuine occurrences.

Despite being a sensitive topic, the movie has been one of the most anticipated movies on IMDB, with a lot of buzz around it. Many people are avoiding talking about the movie, but we believe that if such a problem really exists in our country, then we must talk about it.

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However, one negative thing about the movie is its facts and numbers. The director shows that more than 32,000 girls joined ISIS and were forced to convert to Islam, but there is no real evidence to support these statistics.

The Kerala Story 1st Day Box Office Collection

The Kerala Story 1st Day Box Office Collection

Now, coming to the box office collection, according to early estimates, the 1st Day Box Office Collection (India) of The Kerala Story will be around Rs 4.5 Cr. However, if the movie gets good occupancy at night shows, then this number can increase for sure.

The big question is, will “The Kerala Story” movie become the second “The Kashmir File” movie and break all the box office collection records? Only time will tell. But, with its hard-hitting storyline and star cast, the movie has the potential to become a blockbuster hit.

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In conclusion, we urge everyone to watch this movie and understand the pain and suffering that these girls have gone through. It’s time to talk about this sensitive issue and find ways to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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