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The Kerala Story Day 6 Box Office Collection

The Kerala Story Day 6 Box Office Collection

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The Kerala Story Day 6 Box Office Collection: The movie “The Kerala Story” has been making headlines since its release, and the box office collection numbers have been reflecting its success. On the sixth day of its release, the movie has witnessed significant growth in its box office collection. According to early estimates, The Kerala Story Day 6 Box Office Collection will be ₹12.5 crores on the first Wednesday of its release, which is a 10.88% increase from the previous day.

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The Kerala Story Day wise Collection

Day NumberDate & DayCollection India (Cr.)% Change (from previous day)Total Collection in India (Cr.)Conclusion
Day 15-May-2023 (First Friday)₹7.5 Crores₹7.5 CroresBumper Opening
Day 26-May-2023 (First Saturday)₹11.22 Crores+49.60%₹18.72 CroresSignificant Growth
Day 37-May-2023 (First Sunday)₹16.5 Crores+32.00%₹35.22 CroresSignificant Growth
Day 48-May-2023 (First Monday)₹10.5 Crores-57.14%₹45.72 CroresDrop due to Monday
Day 59-May-2023 (First Tuesday)₹11.14 Crores+5.74%₹56.86 CroresSlight Growth
Day 610-May-2023 (First Wednesday)₹12.5 Crores
(Early Estimate)
+10.88%₹69.36 CroresSignificant Growth

The total box office collection of “The Kerala Story” from India in the first six days of its release is ₹69.36 crores. With such impressive numbers, it is safe to say that the movie has been well-received by the audience, and it is likely to continue its successful run in the coming days.

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