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The Kerala Story Movie Review 2023: A Must-Watch Film

The Kerala Story movie review

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The Kerala Story movie, which is inspired by true events, sheds light on the sensitive issue of Love Jihad and forced religious conversion. The film highlights the pain and the situation of the girls who suffer these heinous crimes. The director of the movie has tried to portray the brainwashing factor in the film, which makes you feel the pain of Indian girls who suffer like hell.

The Kerala Story Movie Review

The movie showcases the disturbing truth about how girls are being brainwashed and forced into religious conversion. While watching the film, you experience a feeling of anger and helplessness that such incidents are happening in our society. One of the scenes depicts a girl who does not fall into the trap of brainwashing and as a result, some boys gang-rape the girls. In another scene, one of the girls is so brainwashed that she spits on her father’s face. The movie scenes are so disturbing that you may lose your temper.

The Kerala Story movie review

Before the release of the film, many people and organizations declared the movie as propaganda. However, the film stands its ground and displays the terrorism and their thought process. In the climax scene, there is an emotional moment that hits you so hard, which makes you cry.

The budget of the movie has been well presented. One negative aspect of the movie is the facts and numbers that have been presented in the film, claiming that 32,000 girls faced this situation, but no real evidence is provided. Despite this, the film is a hard-hitting one and displays the pain of the girls who suffer due to love jihad and forced religious conversion.

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The message of the film is clear – keep your mother and sister away from these terrorists and their thought process. Every mother and sister should watch this film, as this movie is about their safety.

In conclusion, The Kerala Story is a must-watch movie. It is not fair to declare this movie as propaganda. We recommend going to the theater and watching this movie to feel the pain of the girls. We give this movie a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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